Long Term Contract Hire

When you have a requirement for between 1 to 5 years, we offer special long-term hire arrangements, which represent exceptional value without the need to commit capital plus it minimises your future risk. A core element of this arrangement is the inclusion of a fully inclusive maintenance programme to ensure that the hired equipment operates perfectly throughout the hire period.

Key benefits of our unique package include:

  • Fixed price for duration of agreed term, making budgeting/quotations simple
  • Free-up capital so that you can invest the money upfront in growing your business
  • Off-balance sheet transaction
  • Exposure to less financial risks than outright purchase, and cheaper than lease purchase
  • Provides flexibility with option to buy equipment during or at end of contract
  • Option to brand equipment with customer's own identity
  • Enables clients to regularly replace their plant, so maintaining a positive image of the business
  • Routine maintenance provided by agreed schedule
  • Loan vehicles available in event of breakdown
  • Variable durations and operating parameters to suit customer requirements
  • No problem with plant disposal at end of contracted period - just hand-back the keys!